He Understands You (Paperback)  Tim Hegwood by TLH Publishig

He Understands You (Paperback) Tim Hegwood by TLH Publishig

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Tim Hegwood is the President of TLH Ministries, Inc and co-founder with his wife Linda. Even as a young child, Tim taught the word of God. He was given the nickname "Preacher Man" by his childhood peers. His first official teaching position came when he was appointed to teach an adult Sunday school class. He was nineteen at that time, and Tim was by far the youngest person in the class. Professionally, Tim has taught at some of the largest corporations in the world: Microsoft, Dell, Abbott Labs, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Pratt & Whitney, and Procter & Gamble to name a few.

Tim believes that complex things are fun, but simple things are more practical. Tim has always enjoyed finding out as much as he can about the God that he loves. He loves God's word, but in his beginning, it was not so easy. In a part of Tim's amazing testimony, he speaks about his difficulty with reading. When Tim graduated from high school, his college entrance exams revealed that he read and wrote at a second grade level. Learning was tough for Tim, so everything seemed complex. It was incredible that Tim read and wrote on a second grade level, yet he taught an adult Sunday school class which grew rapidly in number. In His infinite wisdom, God had found favor with Tim in spite of the troubles he experienced.

Tim knew there had to be a better way, a way to make things simple. In his college dorm, Tim prayed, "Lord you have taught me many things even though I am unable to read." Tim continued to pray, "Lord, I am going to open my bible again, and I ask you to teach me how to read." That is exactly what happened. Tim still has his bible, and he has read it so much that the cover is gone and many of the pages are falling out. Tim also asked God to help him teach others in an a way that was easy to understand. Many have shared how Tim is able to talk about the deep and complex in an easy and simple way.

This book, "He Understands You", is no exception. It is simple but deep. Tim was freed by its principles, and he knows that if you apply these principles, you will be freed too. Tim knew that Jesus was God until one day Jesus showed Himself to Tim as a person; a human. This is when Tim began to realize that Jesus does understand us completely. Jesus knows all things spiritual because He is God, but He is the Great Shepherd because He became a man and experienced the same things that we do. The insights of this devotional journal will empower you to overcome every dark trouble in your life.