My board of salvation: Pamela in her quest for true love by Elsa Ilardo

My board of salvation: Pamela in her quest for true love by Elsa Ilardo

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Who remains on his knees hardly falls.

“Each phrase is an image that invites you to dig. The way Elsa immerses the reader in the story is comparable to diving in a sea of letters and discovering treasures in the depths of that ocean of ink”.
José Luis Navajo, Author from Spain with more than 20 bestsellers.

“The Holy Spirit will speak to you through Pamela. Her story contains pieces that we have all experienced in this life, in which we fall off cliffs, but we also find the ladder that takes us to the top”.
Dr. Liz Milland, professional counselor and Puerto Rican author.

“You will enjoy going through these pages, because it will allow you to reflect on the decisions you have made, the feelings you have, and you will ask yourself existential questions that we rarely ask ourselves”.
Sixto Porras, Director of Focus on the Family for Latin America, from Costa Rica.

The loss of her father, the multiple blows of life propel Pamela in a desperate search for love.

In her desire to succeed, she regards each relationship as a lifeline, until her life is in danger, and she runs away. In her flight, she finds true love that will change her entire destiny. Will it be possible to be loved after having failed so many times? Will I be able to forgive those who have hurt me so much? Will I be able to forgive myself? These and many other questions are the ones that Pamela has to face and for sure, you too. After reading My Board of Salvation you will visit unfinished chapters of your life to put an end to unresolved issues. Get ready!

Elsa iLardo begins her career as an author, after a recognized career in marketing in the Hispanic literary industry. She founded and directed Hispanos Media platform with her husband, Stephen. Both do serve and congregate at Lake Mary Church, and serve at events with Evangelist Chris Franz. They reside in Central Florida and their sons are Dylan, Cody and Austin.